We can operate in-person events, but each event has a restriction of 20 persons to ensure that groups are kept 1 metre apart. 


We ask that everyone attending a Painted event remain a safe distance from strangers. You must keep a distance of one metre between each other. 


We also ask that all attendees wear a facial covering if at all feasible, but you can remove it to eat and drink.


We ask that you find your seat as soon as possible after arriving. This means you won't be able to order at the bar, even if you're ordering food or a non-alcoholic beverage; instead, our bartenders will take your order at the table. 


If you're sick or have been instructed to isolate, stay at home. 


Use the NZ COVID Tracer App to scan in. 


Avoid congregating or gathering near entrances or in small common places like the restroom.